Productivity Lost

Privacy and peace are impossible to find, multi-tasking has taken over. This has a major impact on individual, team, and corporate productivity. Stress, anxiety and fatigue are an epidemic.

  • distractedTime wasted due to distractions every day :
  • 98 min

  • Time needed to regain focus :
  • 15 min

  • You are interrupted every :
  • 7 min

Annual cost of interruptions per person:


The CanFocus Solution

CanFocus is a system that provides a 1-touch, integrated solution to silence and calm both digital AND physical distractions. In Real-time, simultaneously, it will calm and silence ALL your devices. When the device glows Green people can see you are open to collaborate, but when it's Red people know to let you Focus.



With the push of a button silence your:

  • Cell Phone & Desk Phone

  • Email

  • Computer

  • Colleagues

  • Push Notifications

Giving you the ability to concentrate  without interruption.




CanFocus tools.

MyFocus Pro

Software and App to silence your cell phones, computers and tablets combines with a physical button to signal Available / DoNotDisturb to the people around you. One button, on any platform, does it all, immediately!

To learn about MyFocus Features & Benefits click here.

Meeting Focus

Ensure your meetings are more productive with our permission based system that will give you everyone's undivided attention. MeetingFocus builds on top of the MyFocus Pro platform, delivering both explicit and implicit improvements in the scheduling, timing, punctuality and productivity of any meeting.

To learn about MeetingFocus Features & Benefits click here.

Management Focus

An automated weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual report of individual, team, and corporate performance and productivity. Uniquely, provides quantitative productivity metrics of performance to augment qualitative and financial data.

mgmtTo learn about ManagementFocus Features & Benefits click here.

Respect the Red

CanFocus Partners

Join the forward thinking and dynamic companies around the world who have already adopted the CanFocus Community in their workplaces of tomorrow.

Meet the team

CanFocus team is comprised of small group of skilled professionals with a proven track record in their fields and with tech startups. Feel free to contact any of us about CanFocus, our products, and opportunities to become members of our growing team

  • Paul Chipperton


    Paul is an award-winning serial entrepreneur in the Tech sector. He led his last company as CEO and Co-founder, Profound Medical, to >$16M of financing between 2008-2011. He also lectures to the Queens School of Business to two Masters Programs on “Entrepreneurship & Innovation.”

  • Lahav Gil

    President & Co-Founder

    Lahav is the inventor of the concept and technology. A serial entrepreneur, over a decade he has led Kangaroo Design Inc. to the pre-eminent position for Medical Device design and development in Ontario.

  • Igal Roytblat

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Igal is a highly respected software engineer with a strong entrepreneurial background, and >20 years experience in the IT industry. He has previously founded Redleaf Solutions, a networked technology consulting company

  • Sean Donaldson

    Director of Design & Manufacturing

    Sean is the best kind of Creative Designer, one with 10 years of complex hardware design that has actually been transferred to practical physical embodiments for production.

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Find interesting post on the world of digital/workplace distractions and Focused working. Learn more about why MyFocus is a system that is in high demand.

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